Dear Entrepreneurs:


This journey is hard. You do not have to be in business alone.

Join our Clique. 

Bri Cobb, MBA

Creator of the Idea to Launch Course

Host of Entrepreneurship is a Bitch Podcast

We've got your back.

The support system you need to confidently start and build your business at your greatest capability and lead your best life.

A different kind of masterminding and social networking
only available to a chosen few.
The Clique

Every businesswoman needs her clique. The women she turns to to share an idea that could propel her business. The women who support her when she dares to do something different. The women who understand what is experienced when business suffers. The women who are where she is in life, running a business, while nurturing a marriage, raising children and cultivating friendships. 

Very few women can fit this role.

Are you destined to be among the chosen few?

Idea to Launch

10-week Intensive Course

A mastermind like no other. It is designed to help you get the success you seek in business and in your personal life. We will keep you on track for achieving your business and personal goals. By application only.

Digital Marketing Lab

Modern Marketing Courses

An exclusive bi-monthly dinner club for entrepreneurs to authentically connect and network, while indulging in fine dining experiences.

Join us for meaningful connections through fine food! By application only.

Her Think Tank

Expertise You Need

When You Need It

Women are kicking ass in business and they're not afraid to share their stories. Listen up and gain valuable insights to help you on your journey.

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